Cold Mountain(2003)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 81

In the waning days of the American Civil War, a wounded soldier embarks on a perilous journey back home to Cold Mountain, North Carolina to reunite with his sweetheart.

The Beguiled(2017)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 85

The unexpected arrival of a wounded Union soldier at a girls school in Virginia during the American Civil War leads to jealousy and betrayal.

Free State of Jones(2016)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 69

A disillusioned Confederate army deserter returns to Mississippi and leads a militia of fellow deserters and women in an uprising against the corrupt local Confederate government.

Wild Wild West(1999)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 57

The two best hired guns in the West must save President Grant from the clutches of a nineteenth-century inventor-villain.


Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 76

In 1892, a legendary Army captain reluctantly agrees to escort a Cheyenne chief and his family through dangerous territory.

The Outlaw Josey Wales(1976)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 57

A Missouri farmer joins a Confederate guerrilla unit and winds up on the run from the Union soldiers who murdered his family.

Mississippi Burning(1988)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 49

Two F.B.I. Agents, with wildly different styles, arrive in Mississippi to investigate the disappearance of some civil rights activists.

Little Women(1994)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 44

The March sisters live and grow in post-Civil War America.

The Keeping Room(2014)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 62

Left without men in the dying days of the American Civil War, three women must fight to defend their home and themselves from two rogue soldiers who have broken off from the fast-approaching Union Army.

American Outlaws(2001)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 48

When a Midwest town learns that a corrupt railroad baron has captured the deeds to their homesteads without their knowledge, a group of young ranchers join forces to take back what is ...

C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America(2004)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 60

Through the eyes of a British "documentary", this film takes a satirically humorous, and sometimes frightening, look at the history of an America where the South won the Civil War.

Major Dundee(1965)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 52

In 1864, due to frequent Apache raids from Mexico into the U.S., a Union officer decides to illegally cross the border and destroy the Apache, using a mixed army of Union troops, Confederate POWs, civilian mercenaries, and scouts.

The Retrieval(2013)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 55

On the outskirts of the U.S. Civil War, a boy is sent north by his bounty hunter gang to retrieve a wanted man.

The Killing Fields(1984)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 23

A journalist is trapped in Cambodia during tyrant Pol Pot's bloody 'Year Zero' cleansing campaign, which claimed the lives of two million 'undesirable' civilians.

Texas Rangers(2001)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 41

A ragtag group of youngsters band together after the American Civil War to form the Texas Rangers, a group charged with the dangerous, ruthless duty of cleaning up the West.


Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 15

In 1863, the Northern and Southern forces fight at Gettysburg in the decisive battle of the American Civil War.


Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 17

An American photojournalist gets caught in a political struggle at El Salvador in 1980.


Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 17

A farmer returns home from the Civil War, but his wife begins to suspect that the man is an impostor.


Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 0

Robert Gould Shaw leads the U.S. Civil War's first all-black volunteer company, fighting prejudices from both his own Union Army, and the Confederates.

The Beguiled(1971)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 13

While imprisoned in a Confederate girls' boarding school, an injured Union soldier cons his way into each of the lonely women's hearts, causing them to turn on each other, and eventually, on him.