This Is Spinal Tap(1984)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 72

Spinal Tap, one of England's loudest bands, is chronicled by film director Marty DiBergi on what proves to be a fateful tour.

The Princess Bride(1987)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 70

While home sick in bed, a young boy's grandfather reads him a story called The Princess Bride.

When Harry Met Sally...(1989)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 69

Harry and Sally have known each other for years, and are very good friends, but they fear sex would ruin the friendship.


Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 68

After a famous author is rescued from a car crash by a fan of his novels, he comes to realize that the care he is receiving is only the beginning of a nightmare of captivity and abuse.

Stand by Me(1986)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 65

After the death of a friend, a writer recounts a boyhood journey to find the body of a missing boy.

The Bucket List(2007)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 63

Two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die.

A Few Good Men(1992)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 60

Neo military lawyer Kaffee defends Marines accused of murder; they contend they were acting under orders.

The American President(1995)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 60

Comedy-drama about a widowed U.S. president and a lobbyist who fall in love. It's all above-board, but "politics is perception" and sparks fly anyway.


Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 54

Two eighth-graders start to have feelings for each other despite being total opposites.

Rumor Has It...(2005)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 54

Sarah Huttinger is a woman who learns that her family was the inspiration for the book and film "The Graduate" -- and that she just might be the offspring of the well-documented event.

The Sure Thing(1985)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 59

A college student plans a cross-country trip to get laid, but ends up traveling with a young woman. They hate each other, so naturally...

The Story of Us(1999)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 56

Ben and Katie Jordan are a married couple who go through hard times in fifteen years of marriage.

Alex & Emma(2003)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 55

A writer must turn out a novel in thirty days or face the wrath of loan sharks.

And So It Goes(2014)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 53

A self-absorbed realtor enlists the help of his neighbor when he's suddenly left in charge of the granddaughter he never knew existed until his estranged son drops her off at his home.

The Magic of Belle Isle(2012)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 43

Monty Wildhorn, an alcoholic novelist of Westerns, has lost his drive. His nephew pushes him to summer in quiet Belle Isle. He begrudgingly befriends a newly single mom and her 3 girls who help him find the inspiration to write again.

Being Charlie(2015)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 47

Charlie is a troublesome 18-year-old who breaks out of a youth drug treatment clinic, but when he returns home to Los Angeles, he's given an intervention by his parents and forced to go to ...


Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 21

Sick of the neglect he receives from his mom and dad, a young boy leaves home and travels the world in search of new parents.

Ghosts of Mississippi(1996)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 19

A Mississippi district attorney and the widow of Medgar Evers struggle to finally bring a white racist to justice for the 1963 murder of the civil rights leader.


Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 33

The story of U.S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson from his young days in West Texas to the White House.

Shock and Awe(2017)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 25

A group of journalists covering George Bush's planned invasion of Iraq in 2003 are skeptical of the presidents claim that Saddam Hussein has "weapons of mass destruction."