Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 91

Two men reaching middle age with not much to show but disappointment embark on a week-long road trip through California's wine country, just as one is about to take a trip down the aisle.

Turning Red(2022)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 87

A 13-year-old girl named Meilin turns into a giant red panda whenever she gets too excited.

Hard Candy(2005)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 69

A teenage girl raids a man's home in order to expose him under suspicion that he is a sex offender with pedophilia.

Under the Tuscan Sun(2003)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 66

A writer impulsively buys a villa in Tuscany in order to change her life.


Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 44

Arthur Poppington, a regular man who adopts a superhero persona, known as 'Defendor', combs the city streets at night, in search of his arch-enemy, Captain Industry.

Last Night(1998)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 33

A group of very different individuals with different ideas of how to face the end come together as the world is expected to end in six hours at the turn of the century.


Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 46

Amanda and her daughter live a quiet life on an American farm, but when the remains of her estranged mother arrive from Korea, Amanda becomes haunted by the fear of turning into her own mother.


Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 33

The rivalry between two former college friends comes to a head when they both attend the same glamorous event.


Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 42

"Rigoletto" retold at Christmas time in Manhattan's corporate world. Rick, an executive at Image, is a jerk to a woman applying for a job. That evening, he's out for drinks with his much ...


Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 0

A travel writer (Graham) who begrudgingly assumes control of her father's wedding magazine finds the new experience might just change her take on love.

Window Horses(2016)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 16

A young Canadian poet with Chinese and Persian parents travels to Iran to perform at a poetry festival.

Double Happiness(1994)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 8

Twenty-two year old Chinese-Canadian Jade Li comes from a traditional Chinese family, who try to put on the perfect public persona at all cost so as to "save face". One primary part of this...

Long Life, Happiness & Prosperity(2002)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 6

Twelve-year-old Mindy Ho inexpertly tries Taoist magic to fix her single mother's financial situation and seemingly hopeless romantic prospects.