Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 96

Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire and France are surrounded by the German Army, and evacuated during a fierce battle in World War II.

Bridge of Spies(2015)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 87

During the Cold War, an American lawyer is recruited to defend an arrested Soviet spy in court, and then help the CIA facilitate an exchange of the spy for the Soviet captured American U2 spy plane pilot, Francis Gary Powers.

The BFG(2016)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 79

An orphan little girl befriends a benevolent giant who takes her to Giant Country, where they attempt to stop the man-eating giants that are invading the human world.

The Outfit(2022)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 74

An expert cutter must outwit a dangerous group of mobsters in order to survive a fateful night.


Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 65

A failed London musician meets once a week with a woman for a series of intense sexual encounters to get away from the realities of life. But when he begins inquiring about her, it puts their relationship at risk.

Bones and All(2022)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 73

Maren, a young woman, learns how to survive on the margins of society.

Waiting for the Barbarians(2019)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 61

A Magistrate working in a distant outpost begins to question his loyalty to the empire.

The Phantom of the Open(2021)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 42

The story of golfer Maurice Flitcroft whose performance at the 1976 British Open Golf Championship made him a legend.

Angels and Insects(1995)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 15

In the 1800s a naturalist marries into a family of British country gentry.

Institute Benjamenta, or This Dream People Call Human Life(1995)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 5

A young man goes to a school for servants run by a brother and sister. In the dreamlike and surreal world that he enters, how will his presence impact the people there and possibly even the school itself?